What a pity!

Sadness often comes without any warning s. When we feel gloony, somebody’s careto us usually relieves our grief. That’s why when our relatives and friends are sad it is very inportant to express our sympathy.

Expressing of sympathy

  • I’m realy sorry to hear that.
  • What a pity!
  • Condolence.
  • Oh.. Poor you!
  • Very bad news.

Like and Dislike

Expressions Responds
Do you like……
  • I love it.
  • I’m very keen on it.
  • It’s excellent.
  • I don’t like it.
  • I hate it.
  • I think it’s terrible.


Preferences words Examples Notes


  • I like reading magazines better than novels.
  • I like swimming better than jogging.
  • I prefer that coat to the coat you werw wearing.
  • Ann prefers driving to travelling by train.
Prefer (verb) and Preferences (noun) is use to state to choices.
….would rather….than….
  • I would rather stay at home than go to cinema.
  • Would you rather have coffee or tea.


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